FramingGPS™ is built for you, and for your issue – whether it’s early childhood issues, poverty, immigration, racial equity, or any other social or economic justice issue. We will build your version with custom content, but which will include all of the following features:

Issue Overview Map

The overview map explains how people reason about the issue, and with what implications for effective framing.

Framing Routes

These turn-by-turn messaging directions are based on evidence, not inspired guesses. The policy and program solutions you are advocating for are evidence-based, shouldn't your message strategies be, too?


The Framing Hazards section explains what not to do, and why. Here you will learn what routes to avoid so your frame isn't rerouted to an unintended destination.

Editable Content

We know you’ve driven these roads before and have some favorite routes. So you can use the messages as presented in the tool, or edit them to your liking.


Framing Poverty - Sample Screenshots

These screenshots are for the sample version on framing poverty. But FramingGPS™ is built for you and for your issue – whether it’s early childhood issues, immigration, or any other social or economic justice issue. We will build your version with custom content and evidence-based framing strategies.

Home Screen

Home Screen

The home screen lets you select the Issue Map, Framing Directions, Framing Hazards, or a general Driver's Ed of key framing tips for any issue

Issue Map

Issue Map

The issue map summarizes the dominant media discourse and public opinion about your issue...giving you a sense of what you're up against as you navigate.

Framing Directions

Framing Directions

We know that effective frames answer four questions: Why does this issue matter? What is the problem? How is it solved? and Who can solve it? These turn-by-turn directions show you just how to construct an effective frame for your issue.

Framing Hazards

Framing Hazards

There are certain routes you can take that will lead to roadblocks. Framing Hazards remind you what strategies to steer clear of.

A little about me, and how I came to develop FramingGPS™

I am a psychologist and social issue communications expert who helps policy advocates implement communication strategies that improve support for public policy solutions.

In the course of my work (which tends to require sending framing memos, message material and slide presentations via e-mail or Dropbox) it became clear that it was well past time to capitalize on technological advances that might better assist my clients’ important work.

In short, advocates and issue experts need their messages where they do their work – at their desks, in meetings, when talking to reporters, when catching a legislator in the hall. Given that most of my clients advance their work in coalitions, it is also imperative to ensure ALL people who are communicating publicly are “on message.” This tends not to happen when somebody didn’t get the framing memo.

I developed FramingGPS™ to respond to these varied communication contexts that ARE the office-spaces of front-line advocates.

To discuss options, to find out more about what’s included, or to ask any question you may have, just hit the contact link. Thanks!


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